Getting started

Hey, Will here.

Congratulations on investing in your selling future. Together we’re going to change not only your selling performance but how you show up in the world as well.

Lets get started!

1) Take your SalesCode assessment

Our SalesCode assessment will show you your strengths, weaknesses and the breakdown of your specific SalesCode.

2) Start your workshop training

Finally, get started with a training workshop. Choose one that was mentioned as a weak-point within your SalesCode, otherwise Opposition Selling is a great place to start your learning.

3) The next few days…

Over the next few days we’ll follow up with a series of emails that will walk you through all the tracking, workshop and SalesCoach elements of

Feel free to browse around the platform in the mean time and if you have any questions you can always email me directly –


Will Barron (Founder,